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      Welcome: Lankecms Enterprise website system
      Service Hotline:0523-86922468 86926666    Language: Chinese ∷  English


      Talent concept
      Bright electronics for many years to adhere to the "people-oriented, to Germany first, operating the hearts of the people," the concept of talent, the enterprise has been a large-scale development of leaps and bounds. The company attaches great importance to talent work, always put the human resources development and utilization as a major strategy for enterprise development, "cited only use it, making it, leaving only the" talent project "as the company's" four project ", formed a systematic, efficient and professional human resources, the introduction of training, assessment, incentive, planning management system, efforts to build human resources management heights, provides a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of talents for the realization of the Long March, the march of science and technology, to create the" first-class enterprise "has laid a solid foundation.
      "All rivers run into sea, let the Dragon flies; thousands of boat racing, renqunying scrambling". The respect for people, caring people, good, good, good education, with good talent, create a "to encourage people to do business, support personnel to succeed in business, a good atmosphere to help people do business", embodies the backbone talents of a large number of loyal business, good management, knowledge management, strong deploitation and innovation. The Long March, to truly become the "pioneering home, taught fertile soil".
      The way of the bright Electronics
      Open up channels for the introduction of talent
      Establish recruitment, talent search, search and recommend a full range of employment channels, the introduction of talent in the country.
      Eclectic talent
      Adhere to the "jcair enterprises, Xing Wang enterprises" talent policy, create a capable, light let, Yongzhe "work atmosphere, through the post training, occupation career planning, performance evaluation and other methods, establish pragmatic, creative, learning the occupation managers in a company's management team. Occupation managers accounted for more than 80%.
      Multi pronged cultivation of talent
      According to the staff career planning and the cultivation of different needs, targeted personnel training.
      Meet the needs of talent
      According to the characteristics of different groups, we should adopt a diversified incentive mechanism, so that employees can share the fruits of enterprise development.
      Feelings to retain talent
      Organize staff to carry out colorful activities, and actively set up the emotional bridge between enterprises and employees.
      The concept of bright Electronics
      To foster a bright electronic culture, to the cause of the long march to gather people to performance appraisal incentive to improve the training of people.



      Contact: RuoTian.Zhong

      Phone: 15061089968

      Tel: 0523-86922468

      Email: 719951583@qq.com

      Add: Guangdong guangzhou tianhe balance sand too road sand road

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