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      Welcome: Lankecms Enterprise website system
      Service Hotline:0523-86922468 86926666    Language: Chinese ∷  English

      About us

      Company profile

      Taizhou Guangming Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Yonganzhou Industrial Park, Gaogang District, Taizhou, adjacent to Taizhou Port—the national first-class open port and Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge in the north, facing Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou across the river in the south and adjoining Taizhou Power Plant—national large power plant, Shipbuilding Industry Group and the golden waterway of Yangtze River in the west, with Yanjiang highway passing through, one of the most vigorous regions in Yangtze River Delta.

      It is a limited liability company. The company covers an area of 6,000 square meters including building area of 4,500 square meters and owns assets of RMB 12 million and 106 employees including 5 senior technicians. It is one of professional manufacturers of SDM ceramic packaging metal cover plate, black gasket, white gasket, carrier band, PTFE products and discharge instrument lining and boasts solid technical force, advanced equipment, complete varieties and reliable quality. Our products are widely applied to the fields such as electronics, chemical industry, light industry, aerospace, etc.

      It is our objective to achieve excellent international quality by first-rate management. Our company has been certified to ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System. Meanwhile, our company will continuously introduce advanced equipment and inspection instruments and talents, develop new products, expand market by virtue of solid technical force as well as high-tech and high-quality products and strive to develop with customers by virtue of excellent products and good service attitude. Welcome new and old customers to visit our company for guidance.




      Contact: RuoTian.Zhong

      Phone: 15061089968

      Tel: 0523-86922468

      Email: 719951583@qq.com

      Add: Guangdong guangzhou tianhe balance sand too road sand road

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